Monday, January 18, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010


Max's vestibuloplasty (originaly denied by insurance as dental) - has now been covered!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to my office manager for all of her hard work!

It still ticks me off that they tried to deny this in the first place.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Max's New Favorite Shoes

He's always been a shoe man; from the first day we met him.
But, these are a new find.

Chillin' in the new bean bag Santa brought

Aren't those eyes beautiful?

This kid has the best pouty lip I've ever seen.


These two are loving their new video games. Both have such intense looks of concentration. And of course these two peas in a pod had to sit in the same chair to play them.

Putting their ornaments on Grandma's tree.

I love "Leah"! Both of my kids are Signing Time fanatics.

Both kids had a great Christmas. Ellie is at that perfect magical age. Although she is already starting to question Santa.
Max enjoyed things more than I thought he would. He loved the trees and lights and decorations. He also understood presents and wanted to open them all himself.

Decorating the tree

We went to put our tree up this year and all of the lights had gone out. We weren't able to fix it and had to get rid of it. We priced a new tree, but the kind we wanted were just too expensive. We pulled out a small tree that we had in the basement and let the kids decorate it all themselves with only their own ornaments. They loved it! Jason is trying to convince me that we never need a bigger tree, but mama wants to get her own ornaments out next year.

Ellie's Chritmas Program

And yes, I'm way behind.

Ellie's Christmas program was too cute this year!
It was Pre-K and Kindergarden and the Pre-K class had a bird theme. You can see their hand made bird costumes below. My favorite song was Bob Marley's "Three little birds." I really need to get her on video singing it. I near tears every time. Of course, there was no video at the performance itself. You had to buy the video if you wanted one. There weren't supposed to be any pictures during the performance itself either, but that rule was broken a hundred times over. Clearly I'm still a bit bitter. The best part was when Ellie walked out on stage. We were pretty far away from the stage, but Max spotted her right away and started screaming "Ellie" and waving frantically. He did this for the first 10 minutes of the program. He was so excited to see his big sis up on stage.
Afterwards we went to visit Ellie in her classroom. She was so proud to have both sets of grandparents, Aunt Leigh, Nanny Jennifer, Brother Max, and Mom and Dad there.
We also got to see her Christmas list to Santa. My favorite is the Pet Mouse. We really had no idea that she wanted any of this.