Monday, April 12, 2010

My Girl's Parent Teacher Conference

BRAG ALERT - Go no further unless you want to hear my shameless brags about Elise!

I am so proud of Miss Ellie. We went to her parent teacher conference on Thursday and got a WONDERFUL report. Most importantly she's significantly improved her listening, responsibility, and organizational skills. She's a wonderful friend. She has a great sense of humor and has been "coming out of her shell." (She takes a while to warm up to new situations.) She's really enjoying show and tell and speaking to the class. This is a something she never would have done a few months ago, and I think her voice lessons (and some maturity) are helping with this. She's also doing very well with the academics. She recognizes and can write and make sounds for all upper and lower case letters and is reading simple books. She recognizes and writes all numbers up to 25 and can count to 100 (and then some). She can do simple addition and is really enjoying it. She's even been making up her own compound addition problems. But, her favorites are still art and language.