Friday, November 13, 2009

Palate Update

We had our second follow up with the plastic surgeon today. We just love him.

Max is doing very well. He seems completely recovered. No pain for sure. We are still having occasional nighttime awakenings, but I'm not sure if these are surgery related or more due to the fact that I'm back at work. He's been on a soft diet for the past two weeks, but he hasn't seemed to mind this at all.

The area of his palate that I was initially concerned about (by the gum line on the side where the created the flap to pull mid line) has healed up very nicely. There was an area in the mid line towards the back of the palate that was concerning me as well. The doctor saw it and said that he still can't tell if it's a full fistula or a superficial opening only. He says that he thinks that it will close in the next couple of weeks, but if it hasn't we need to see him to talk about repairing it. If it has, then we're good until our next cleft team appointment in August! Our next surgery would then be between age 4 and 6 for a lip/nose revision and possibly palate lengthening if needed. That would be ideal, but as worried as I was about a fistula early on, I have a peace about it now. It wouldn't be the most fun to have to do another surgery this year, but I realized after this one that it's not a huge deal either. Max really did well with this surgery. Even if he needs a fistula repair this is pretty small and I expect that he'll do fine with that as well. The surgeon also cleared Max for a full diet, so we came home and had some cheddar bunnies to celebrate.

Other good news. My camera lens came yesterday and works perfectly. Hopefully I'll get some cute pictures this weekend to post.


  1. That is wonderful news about Max. Thanks for sharing. I'm getting nervous about Ty's next month.

  2. Great news!!! I never did get any emails from you ... maybe you're busy, but just wanted to let you know in case we're still having issues. I did send my letter to Holt ... let's hope and pray I hear back from the families and that I didn't wait too long!!! Let's talk soon about when you guys are coming this way! ;)