Friday, October 9, 2009

Exciting news on the speech front

We had our first visit with the speech therapist last night and she was very encouraging. She said that Max had a great vocabulary, great imitation skills, and the BEST tongue tip elevation she'd seen! How about that. Who would have ever thought I'd be so excited about that compliment. She also said that Max did not have alot of the compensatory vocal methods that most unrepaired cleft kids have (this is good). She said that a lot of speech therapy for cleft affected kids is overcoming those bad habits. She is very hopeful for Max's speech progression once his palate is closed. YEAH! I think he will love being able to communicate more effectively.


  1. Super news! Thanks for keeping us updated! ;)

  2. That's so great! Max is one special little guy!

  3. So cool. Did you find his proof of Citizenship?