Friday, October 23, 2009

We have a problem

I'm pretty darn sure there's a big hole in Max's palate. The interesting thing is it's over at the gum line on the side. I think they create a flap from that area to close the midline defect (which looks great by the way). I'm so depressed. Of course my mind has raced ahead. I'm already quite sure that Max's speech will never progress and that we'll be re-operating every year without ever successfully closing this fistula. (Is this even called a fistula since it's not at the closure site?) Clearly, he'll need a free flap if this is ever to be closed. I know way too much about the worst case scenario.


  1. Oh no! Now what? Do you call the surgeon or wait until Wed when he goes back in for his check? I'm so sorry, Alexis.

  2. They leave an opening by the gumline for growth. DD has one near her gumline and it will be closed when she gets her bone graft. Her's does not effect her speech. Not sure if this is the same as you are taking about.

  3. Alexis, I'm so sorry! I know nothing about the palate surgery and what this really means, but I'm hoping you might hear good news from the surgeon at your next appt. I hope gototheo's info is helpful.
    Thinking of you guys - Ellen