Friday, April 17, 2009

Maxwell Dean YunXiao

Deciding on a first name was tough for us. We felt like he had a personality already and his name should suit his personality, but we don't really know what his personality is like. We know a few tidbits. He likes to be outside. He likes to eat. But we don't really know who he is. All we have are a few pictures and phrases that we think represent him. None of the names that we liked seemed like HIS name. Then, it just came to us - Max. He was a Max. The rest of it was easy. Dean is my Dad's middle name. My dad is the most wonderful man that I know and he exemplifies the qualities that I want Max to have. Love and respect for others, generosity, intelligence, and a Godly spirit. YunXiao is a combination of Max's Chinese names. It means fortunate sunrise. That's what Max is to us. A wonderful new chapter to our lives that we are so lucky to be experiencing.

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