Thursday, April 16, 2009

Care package

This is a picture of the care package that we sent to Max using Ann from Red Thread China. You can see the photo album at the top which is filled with pictures of Jason, myself, and Ellie. There is also a picture of Ledoux (of course) and our house. I wanted to send pictuures of his new room, but it is nowhere near done. It is getting painted today, but as of now it is still Ellie's room. I also would love for him to see pictures of all of our wonderful family and friends who will be loving on him once he gets here, but I didn't want to overwhelm him. We also sent a letter with some questions about him to his foster family along with some tea to thank them for taking care of him and loving him (as if tea can even come close to expressing that). We sent a camera in hopes that they'll take some photos of his life now so that he'll have those to keep and remember. Finally, we sent some cute little balls for him to play with. Best of all, we were rewarded with some updated measurements from Ann. It looks like his growth is on target and we now have some idea of what size of clothes to get for him. Jason is not going to be excited about that since he knows how I've been so excited to buy some cute little boy clothes. Here are the measurements we got:
height :81cm
weight :11kg
head :49cm
chest :48cm
feet :11cm
teeth up 7 down 6

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  1. To our closest friends in the world,
    I have to say that I just teared up while reading that you now officially have a LID. We anxiously await Max coming home to such a wonderful family. We look forward to spending a lifetime together, the Lipari's side by side with the Meredith's!
    Tina, Tino, Adela and Elsie