Sunday, April 19, 2009

What are we waiting on?

Max is the easy answer. The longer answer is that we have several steps that we have to go through before we're able to travel and bring him home. If you look at our time line to the left of the blog you'll see all of milestones that we've already passed. The biggest part of that being the wait to find out who our child was going to be. Once we found out who he was, we submitted a letter of intent to adopt him and received pre-approval from the China Center for Adoption Affairs to adopt him. Now we are waiting on our Letter of Acceptance (LOA). That is the official word that he's ours. The typical wait for people in our situation is about 90 days. Once we get our LOA, then we have to wait for Travel Approval (TA). The average for that is about 4 weeks. Once we have travel approval we can make our consulate appointment. Once we have our counsulate appointment we can set our travel dates. If we follow the averages, we are hoping that we will be traveling some time in August. In some cases, the wait can be a bit shorter or significantly longer. So when you hear me shout to the rooftops about all of these letters, now you'll understand why they're so important to me. They're bringing us closer to Max.

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