Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Beautiful Ballerina

Ellie started ballet one week ago. She had insisted all summer long that she wanted to do ballet instead of gymnastics this fall. So, we went last week and bought two sparkly leotards, two pairs of tights, a pair of ballet shoes, and a pair of tap shoes. Last week was her first lesson. She was so excited to put on her outfit and her shoes, but when it came time to actually go into the class (without mom), she did not want to go. She suddenly decided that she didn't want to do ballet anymore. I really thought that she was past the majority of her separation anxiety so this surprised me. I had to do a little convincing, but she finally agreed to go into the class and she stayed happily for the whole hour and was very plesed with herself afterwards. This week, she told me before we walked into the studio that she wanted me to leave while she was in class, not to watch her, and that she would tell me all about her class when I got back. What a change. She had another great lesson (I did sneak a peak through the window) and is ready for next week.

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  1. what a cutie in her ballerina outfit! good for ellie going into class on her own!