Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The best big sis in the world

Ellie is rocking as a big sister. I can't tell you how worried about this transition I was for her. She's had a difficult year and I worried that bringing home a new sibling would escalate all of the issues that she had been having. Thankfully, I was wrong. She LOVES Max. She loves to carry him around and snuggle up to him. She lets him play with her toys and in her room (usually). If he's upset, she's the first one to tell me what he wants (and she's unhappy if I don't choose to give him what he wants). When he's upset, she sings and has actually sung him to sleep. She loves teaching him new things. I think that she is flourishing in the role of the big kid, the expert, the experienced one. She has been waiting for someone to "be in charge of" and now that she is the boss in one aspect of life, she's happy. She definitely wouldn't take to us adopting out of birth order. She is the oldest sibling at heart. Also, I think it's been great for her to not be the center of attention at all times. She does better focusing her energy outside of her. I think too that some of the changes we've made in how we deal with her actions are helping. Being back in school, in the routine, and mentally/physically challenged every day does wonders too (she loves her school and we do too). No matter what the various causes, Ellie has really come into her own this past month. She's becoming an awesome kid. I'm so proud of her.