Monday, September 21, 2009

Being a Single Mom is HARD!

Jason was in Vegas this weekend leaving me for my first extended period with both kids. Wow! It was alot of fun, but I was exhausted.
I didn't do it small either. It's hard for me to stay home with both kids all day long. I like to get out and about. So, on Friday we went to Ellie's school fun festival. We played in bouncies, rode rides, played games, and ate hot dogs. Saturday morning we met my friend Amy (also a single mom due to the boy's weekend in Vegas) and her kids at Deanna Rose Farmstead for the apple festival. I love that place! Max loved it too, especially the animals. He is also really coming into his own at the playground. The problem is that he has no fear and really needs to be watched constantly. But, I keep looking up and losing Ellie. When I go to look for Ellie, he starts doing some daredevil stunt and I turn back to him (maybe in time to prevent injury, maybe not). How do I do two kids at a busy park? I haven't figure this out yet. After this we did lunch and then nap. That evening we took a walk to our local park in the wagon. We also stopped at our just opened Russell Stovers for ice cream. This could be dangerous. I don't even really like ice cream, but they have the yummiest iced sugar cookes which could be a big problem. Sunday, we met my sister in law, niece, and nephew for their churches fun festival with more bouncies.
You'd think the kids would be nice and exhausted from all of this activity and would fall right into bed, but somehow they knew that I hadn't really put two kids to bed by myself before. As soon as I'd get one settled in the other would get up and by the time I got that one settled I was hearing from the other. It took me a good hour/hour and a half to get them both to sleep both nights. I hope I get better with practice.

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