Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finally, UPDATES!!!!!!

I was so excited to open my email today and find these updates on Max. We haven't really had any information other than measurements since his referral information which was done in April of 2008. I was really wanting some information to make his transition easier and I got it. Yeah for me!

1. How has his health been? We know his cleft lip was repaired. Has he had any other surgeries, illnesses, or hospitalizations?

Wu yun xiao has been very healthy,he does not have any other surgeries ,illnesses .

2. Tell me about his personality. What are his favorite activities? What makes him laugh?

His personality is outgoing ,he loves to play outdoors ,especily where there are lots of people places. When he see his mom,he is very happy.

3. Does he have any fears? What comforts him when he's upset?

When scares very loud sound.When he is upset ,his foster mom hug(holds) him and pats his back gently then yun xiao will have a good mood again.

4. Tell me about his feeding. What does he like/not like to eat? What does he drink - formula or milk? Does he take it from a bottle, sippy cup, or cup?

He loves to eat sweet food,He does not like sour food .He drinks Nestle formula,he use bottles .

5. Tell me about his sleeping. Where does he sleep? Is there anyone that he sleeps with.

What is his bedtime routine? He sleeps with his foster mom ,he sleeps at 21:00 to 22:00 at night

I am especially excited to know that he's healthy, outgoing, happy, and loved. I must say that as glad as I am to know these things, my heart is breaking right now knowing how hard this transition away from his foster mom is going to be on him. But, again, I am so glad to know that he's had a supportive, loving family.

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