Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What's next?

First, for those of you who don't know, let me explain what a LOA is. It means that the China Center for Adoption Affairs has officially reviewed the loads of paperwork that we submitted (our dossier), and they found no objection to us adopting Max. They then sent us a letter seeking confirmation that we still wanted to adopt him. We checked yes (duh!) and sent it back to them. Now, we are just waiting on our Travel Approval (TA). Once this comes, we are able to schedule our consulate appointment and then dates for our travel. This means that we should be traveling in the next 6-8 weeks (Yeah!). This all of the sudden feels very real and very close. We still have a TON to do around our house and to get ready for the trip, but mentally, we're ready any time.

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