Thursday, July 30, 2009

We have an itinerary!

8-5: Leave Kansas City at 6:10am. Arrive in Newark and then on to Beijing
8-6: Arrive in Beijing, relax for the afternoon, go to dinner and a Chinese acrobat show that evening
8-7: Check out the great wall and do a Hutong tour
8-8: Tour Beijing at warp speed trying to see Tiananmen square, Forbidden city, the summer palace, and the temple of heaven, then fly to Lanzhou from Beijing
8-9: MEET MAX!!!!!
8-10: Proceed with adoption registration, notary and applying for Max's passport
8-11: Visiting the Provincial Museum, shopping
8-12: Touring Yu Quan Mountain (Jade Spring Mountain) and Yellow River Bridge
8-13: Touring Bai Ta Shan (White Tower Mountain)
8-14: Touring Shui Che Garden, receiving your son's passport, fly from Lanzhou to Guangzhou
8-15: Physical exam, including the TB test, photo taking
8-16: Touring Yun Tai Garden
8-17: Picking up the physical exam result
8-18: Touring Liu Rong Temple
8-19: Applying for visa, touring Liu Hua Hu Lake Park
8-20: Ceremony at the American consulate and picking up Max's visa in the afternoon
8-21: Free activities
8-22: Fly from Guangzhou to Beijing to Newark to KC

I still can't believe it will really happen.
I started packing Max's clothes today. He'll be wearing them in 10 days. Unreal.


  1. Oh, How exciting! Brace yourselves for an amazing, yet exhausting trip and be prepared for anything...enjoy it and take it all in---your time in China flies by!

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  2. Have a great and safe trip!!!!