Sunday, July 12, 2009


We got in yesterday from a fun week with my family in San Diego. The relaxation didn't last long at all. We have realized that if we get our travel approval in the time frame that we anticipate, we probably have only one full weekend left that I am not on call or we are not out of town prior to going to China. YIKES! We are so unprepared. So, we have spent the last 36 hours overhauling our house. Jason finally got the cabinets in our new bedroom installed before we left last weekend so this weekend we moved all of our clothes, our bed, and our stuff up into that room. We then moved all of Ellie's clothes, toys, and bed into what is her new bedroom. Now, we actually have room for Max! We are still very disorganized and have alot of things to put away. But, it's progress.

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