Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beautiful Guangzhou

We all slept in on Wednesday, but for some reason Ellie awoke in a funk. She was too grumpy to go out, so Jason stayed at the hotel with her where they relaxed in the room. Mom, Max and I went out with our guide Elvin for some sightseeing. We started at YunTai Gardens which was on the outskirts of Guangzhou. It was a beautiful garden. Interestingly, there were statues of various cartoon characters scattered throughout. I'm unclear as to why. I did take a picture of Nemo and Dory. This has been Ellie's favorite movie during this trip. We've watched it five times at least. While in the garden we hiked up a hill to a mountain top view. At the top we had a typical photo op with a Chinese family. Even here in Guangzhou where there are lots of Westerners and lots of adoptive families, there's always someone wanting to take your picture (usually Ellie's, this time ours). I can understand Ellie - she's beautiful. Us, I don't get it.
We were covered in sweat after our hike to the mountain top view, so when our guide told us our next stop was BaiYun Mountain, we cringed. Then he told us there was a cable car to take us to the top, so we recovered. It was a very modern cable car and Max really enjoyed the ride. At the top there was a wonderful view of all of Guangzhou. We were very hot by this point, so we took the cable car back down and headed back for another swim at the hotel pool and a nap for Max.

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