Monday, August 17, 2009

Ellie swimming

Okay, this is my first attempt at a video upload. Let me know by email if it doesn't work since I can't check the blogsite.
This is Ellie showing off her new swimming skills!


  1. The video of Ellie came through great.
    Ellie, Grandma Na is so proud of your swimming. I didn't know you could put your whole body under the water. You are such a big girl. Grandpa Joe and I are anxious to see you. Kisses

  2. Ellie, really good swimming!! Love Aunt Deborah

  3. Wow, Ellie, Great Swimming!! Love Aunt Deborah

  4. Diana, Lexi. I wish I could be there. For one thing, I wish I could get some pearls for Annie. They are her birthstone and they are in style here. I was looking at some at Macy's and a saltwater pearl necklace ONSALE was over $300.00!! I love following this journal