Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two cute pictures of Max and a bit about attachment

Max has done remarkably well during this truly difficult transition. He is definitely grieving still. We are actually glad that he's grieving even though it's terrible to watch. We know that the strong bond that he had with his foster mother demonstrates that he can form attachments. We also know that his attachment to us will be a lifelong process, but we are so excited to see those first little steps happening. I'll admit, it's been the hardest for me. He really took to Ellie, and Jason, and my mom right away. Me, not so much. We came into this understanding that this was a possibility and so I wasn't upset by it, and in fact, I think it's better than if he had taken to me and not Jason. Jason has really stepped up to the plate on this. He'll even tell you how hard it was for him when Ellie was born. He didn't know what to do and he really let me do most of the parenting that first year. This time, he's taken the bull by the horns and is doing most of the care of Max. We have been trying to let me do a lot of the carrying (Ergo carrier rocks!), the feeding (especially treats), and the bottles. We are starting to see the benefits of this. Today is the first day that Max has really let me hold is hand or pick him up voluntarily. He also actually relaxed in the Ergo today and dozed off with his head against my chest. You can just see those little bits of trust starting to form. I know that we're not seeing all of his growth and firsts in life. But, we are delighting in seeing his personality and his trust in us unfold, just like we did for Ellie when she was a baby. This is a wonderful journey and I know we're just at the beginning, but even during those tough moments we are feeling so lucky that we get to experience this.

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