Thursday, August 6, 2009

We love the Grand Hyatt!

The view from the window in our hotel room.
Don't you just love hotel bathrooms?

Not too hard, not too soft.

The gymnasium.

Thanks Lola Granola! Ever since I followed your blog I knew that we wanted to stay at the Grand Hyatt. The level of service they gave to you with all of your quarantine issues was wonderful.

We are in the two bedroom suite which is perfect for the four of us. There is plenty of space for Ellie to play. She spent probably 20 minutes last night doing cartwheels in the living room. The pool is fantastic too. Ellie literally sucked in her breath when we walked into the pool area last night. There are fresh flowers as you walk into our suite and they make the whole thing smell yummy. Their smell way overpowered our stink from traveling for 20 hours. I attached some pictures of the room. I didn't take my camera down to the pool. I was afraid I would lose it or it would get wet, but I'll try and take some there later.

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