Monday, August 31, 2009

A good day (we needed one)

It was a rough weekend and we needed a good day. We got one. It was all around great. It started with a good night's sleep. This was followed by Ellie getting up in a fabulous mood. She usually drags in the morning. It's been hard to get her out the door in time for school. Today, there were no complaints. No reminders were needed to get her to eat her breakfast or brush her teeth. There were no arguments over her outfit (which is shocking since I picked pants to put under her dress which is a big no no in her world - probably in the fashion world too, but when its 60 degrees in the morning she's not wearing a summer dress alone.) She hopped out of school in a good mood. Max was also in a good mood. We came home and played in the tub, then he "helped me" with laundry and sweeping the floors. We then went for a walk around the plaza, did some children's book shopping, and had a mocha (yummy!) We got done just in time to pick Ellie up from school. Yes, she was still in a good mood. I made a crazy decision to try and squeeze in a Costco visit before lunch, knowing that she's crazy hungry after school. Once we got there, she sprung on me that they hadn't had a snack today either. Miraculously, she didn't complain once, we got through our shopping in less than 10 minutes, and I had just enough cash left to get the kids each a slice of pizza. I wasn't sure how Max would like it since he's not a big cheese fan (who doesn't like cheese?), but they both chowed. We got home and Max slept while Ellie and I had some quiet time reading. When Max got up, we went outside and played with our new t-ball set. After this, we had a pudding snack (check out the pictures). Then, Jason got home at a decent time and we actually cooked dinner. We grilled up some salmon burgers, had corn on the cob (you should see Max eat corn on the cob - he loves it), and had tomatoes and mozarella. Even though the weather feels like fall, it was a good summer meal. We cleaned up, took a walk around the neighborhood, gave Ellie a bath, and put the kids to bed with minimal complaint from them. Now I'm enjoying a glass of wine with my husband and my computer. I'm happy. Of course I'm happy that Max had such a great day, but honestly, I'm just as happy about Ellie's day. She's had a rough time since turning four, now we've added a sibling and jet lag, and we've also focused on being more strict since being home from China. It's been tough, but we're really starting to see it pay off. The best part is that she's so proud of her improvements. Keep your fingers crossed that this all continues.

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