Thursday, August 13, 2009

A bit about Grandma

We are so happy to have Grandma D on this trip with us. It was a bit of a last minute decision, and we are so glad that she made it. Jason and I really thought we could do this trip alone. We were completely wrong. It would have been awful without Grandma. First, she has been a wonderful moral support for me. She is the one that I want there for all major life events, and clearly this is one of them. Also, she's been a great help with Ellie. For example, right now Max is taking a nap and Grandma has Ellie in her room playing and coloring so that Max can have some quiet and we can have some downtime. Also, with all of the paperwork, we would have never gotten through it without Grandma to keep the kids occupied. Finally, Max has already realized how special Grandmas are. He and Grandma D have a couple of special games that they play already. And, he knows that if he wants something, especially a treat, Grandma is the go to gal. We're so glad you came Grandma D.

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