Monday, August 10, 2009

The swimming pool

Yesterday went pretty well. We hung out in the room playing for awhile after our appointment at the registration office. Max cried intermittently, but overall was pretty happy. He is definitely boy. He loves to push his trucks and go vroom vroom. He also loves to jump and move. About noon he got sleepy so we gave him a bottle and put him down for a nap. He slept for about two and a half hours and Jason got a couple hours of sleep as well. Ellie and I read and watched The Wizard of Oz. Once he was up we decided we'd got down to the swimming pool for a while. We didn't anticipate that this would be such an adventure. Even though the pool is part of the hotel, you have to walk outside to an annex building to get to it. Also, although most of the workers at the hotel speak English, no one at the pool area did. We managed to figure out that we needed to buy swimming caps and goggles to get in the pool. They had a sign in English that explained this. It has something to do with your hair rotting in the pool. But, for some reason they kept trying to get us to buy swimming suits too even though we already had some on. There's no way I was buying and Asian sized swimming suit to put my American body into. They ended up calling the manager over from the hotel who helped us explain to them that we already had swimming suits. We then went into the locker room to put our swimming caps and goggles on. Little did I know that the swimming cap was also sized for an Asian head. I never thought I had a big head until I tried to get that stupid swimming cap on. It kept sliding right off the top of my head. I got Ellie's on, but she was crying because it was too tight and I couldn't get her goggles to fit correctly. Jason wants me to make sure and add that I did get a bit frustrated during this whole process. It really was my first mini breakdown on this trip. All over a swimming cap. Once we got somewhat together we went out to the swimming area. Jason and Max were already out there. Max looks adorable with a swimming cap on. Who would have thought. The pool itself was interesting too. It takes up most of the building with only a small sitting area off to the side. It is also all deep. I had to stand on my tippy toes to keep my chin out of the water. The water was pretty darn cold too. I got in with Ellie and she swam and splashed around some. We then got Max in slowly not sure of how he would like it. But, he took right to it. He didn't seem cold at all and loved splashing mommy with the water. It wasn't long until Ellie's goggles were bothering her again and mommy was shivering so we all got out and went back over to the hotel for dinner.


  1. Max sure does make a swim cap look good!:)

  2. What a cutie!!!! He is ADORABLE!!! I've been showing Sadie his picture and teaching her to say "Max!" We are so happy for you guys and are glad to hear things are going well! I truly believe these Wuwei babies are so loved!!! :)

  3. Horray Horray Horray!! I am SO glad things seem to be going so well. Max is gorgeous, Ellie looks so proud and you are just beaming. Congratulations!