Monday, August 31, 2009

A huge gift

While we were waiting to bring Max home, we sent him several care packages. In these care packages we included a couple of disposable cameras as well as a disposable video camera. When his foster family brought him to us, they gave these back to us, full of pictures and video. We finally got the developed photos and the dvd yesterday and had a chance to look through them last night. There are some cute photos of Max, but the best part is that we really got a chance to see what his life and foster family were like in China. Most importantly, on these photos and video you could see how much he was loved. His foster mother has given us such a gift by loving him and caring for him for two years. I can understand why his transition has gone so well after watching the video. He was given such a foundation in love and family that is irreplacable. I hope that she has some idea of what she's done for him and that she can find peace in her heart.


  1. Wow, amazing. Yes, a huge gift. I wish our SWI had allowed the foster family to do the same. I think Max will especially appreciate this when he's older.