Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rumor Queen Dinner

Wednesday night was the Rumor Queen Dinner Party. For those not immersed in the world of China adoptions, let me explain. Rumour Queen, or is the place to go for the latest information on adoptions in China. Along with a blog and the latest rumors, there is a chat forum where many, many adoptive parents (pre and post adoption) go to chat. This group of people has been a huge source of support during these last two year while we've been working on our adoption. I had never met anyone online before I started this process, and now I have made several lifelong friends of people I've met off of this website. One of the other adoptive mothers who frequents this website arranged for all of the families from this forum who were in Guangzhou this week to get together for dinner and pictures. It was such a fun evening to see all of these people in person and finally united with their children. We all went to the White Swan hotel to take our red couch photos, and then went back to the Italian restaurant for a relaxing dinner and visit. Thanks mdelu for arranging this fun evening!

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