Thursday, August 6, 2009


We were originally supposed to go to an acrobat show last night. The tour company didn't have it scheduled and I'm so glad. We never would have made it. Nobody lasted long after room service last night. This is Ellie and Jason about 15 minutes after dinner. My mom didn't last any longer. We all were in bed by 7:30 at the latest and probably it was closer to 7:00. Ellie woke up for about 15-20 minutes at about 1:00am and you could tell she was out of sorts. We ended up giving her some benadryl to get her settled back to sleep and she's still sleeping now at about 5:30am. (By the way, medicating our child is not a regular occurrence, but we were hoping one good night's sleep will get her in the swing of our new time zone). Hopefully we'll all be well rested for our day of touring.


  1. I know you are all sooo tired! I hope you can adjust quickly and have a great time! We are all thinking of you and wishing you a safe and wonderful trip! Can't wait to see Max!!

    Your NKCH ICU Weekend Girls!

  2. LOL, when I saw your itinerary, I was so jealous. I thought, wow, no way my husband will have the energy to go to an acrobat show the first night we arrive. I assumed that you Merediths were superhuman. :) Now I know you are mere mortals like the rest of us - subject to fatigue after a 20 hr flight. :)
    I am SO SO SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!! Hope you had a great day in Beijing today!