Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ellie's first day of Pre-K

Ellie was so excited to be going back to school this week. She had a great summer with her friends at Pam's, but she definitely missed the routine and her friends at St. Paul's. She is also so proud that this year she is in Pre-K, not preschool. She knows next year is Kindergarden and for some reason being 5 years old and going to Kindergarden is the best thing in life that she can imagine.
Her first day was really just a meet and greet. It was so nice to be off so that I could go with her. Her teacher this year is Ms. Higdon. Mrs. Williams will be hard to top, but I hear Ms. Higdon is great and Ellie seems to like her so far. Ellie starts her day in the Zebra room and she has already learned to find her classroom herslef. On Tuesday, her first day without me, she jumped right out of the car and looked like such a big girl walking into school and finding her room all on her own. I certainly don't hear all of the details of her school day, she's pretty stingy with the info, but I have gotten a few tidbits. A couple of the girls who left her out some last year she now says are her best friends and like to play with her on the playground, yeah! Her favorite part of the day is storytime (I'm so glad she's going to be a reader). And, she is super excited to stay for lunch bunch and A-team tomorrow. (Regular school ends at 11:30, lunch bunch and A-team go until 3:30 and she only does this on Friday right now although I think I probably should add another day. She seems ready for more school and more structure.)
I also signed her up for ballet/tap this week. She'll start next Thursday. She had been doing gymnastics this spring and seemed to like it, but firmly requested dance for this fall. We'll see what spring brings. I'd love her to try tennis or music as well.

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  1. Ellie, You look so pretty in your first day pictures. What a big girl you have become. Love Aunt Deborah